another form of unreal

Mahogany for large evergreen trees, named after the deep wood peach color. Tree height can reach more than 20 meters, the trunk is very obvious, the trunk is good for the production of furniture materials. Sexual xi high temperature, drought, don't like damp, sunshine should be sufficient. I grew up in the mahogany, the tree pose green delicate and pretty, so it also became the senior trees afforestation, or trees.

The tree in the campus mahogany, it also follow the sequence change, according to the laws of nature, starting from the yellow leaves that form a dark brown, during the process of drag manufactures can complete, just always busy, we seem to be always misses a chance to appreciate the natural changes, and can only leave their infinite afterwards sighs.

After all, the withered leaves full tree buds seems to suddenly bursts with overnight, thin film images extremely rare, subduction by endless green again. Leaf deciduous, heaven and earth; Anterior lobe today bud, like a universe. The way of realization of natural variation, the good body constant rule the universe, life and death, back and forth.

After all, the change is time, is the same nature. A short rest, it is to go a longer way.

See the earth , is in a tomb-sweeping day by accident years ago. That day, the sky cloudy without rain, but the wind. From kaohsiung, tainan countryside grave and set the was the evening of the sunset afterglow.