Don't want to look for

Embrace a quiet morning, looked at the snow, under that leisurely and shrinkage of drift is far-fetched to pieces of litter? Pay the compounding of who is sad sad soul. And this sentence: I love you forever is already autumn grass Huang Qin sad sad string on drunk.

Tears of time injury is difficult to quell the sound? Then the first to break into zheng or shaw? Those who love it there forever? Don't have the courage to accept the black in the fear of injury of han weak? Only firmly down: "don't cry, ok?" Always believe that your concern is to make a wish toward the meteor, patience is not heavy rain poured down but dream familiar alone don't want to go to bear an awakening to the open, the wind is attachment?

The butterfly is still crazy love the flowers? Because of missing you, the patches of snow will only love condensed in the deep quiet solitude sound, floating ah float optimal also sorrow disappeared in the snow minutes reappeared, insipid in lonely lonely also simple and beautiful, the wind blows cloud, snow FenYang, clears the line of sight of traction to remind a drop of tears flow not already left, the love of beauty let I can't see you, heart pain, faint static; The lonesome sound, faint; Press the mute heart only send one read in from the snow drift fly quiet down, can't breathe hard ah, that's want to against the loss of some some pain pain, it only depends on the dispersion: cold pillow, cold night, lie, pale, have no language, words have scar injury in this boundless snow ah.

Sound zone is flying, love. Song far solitary asked, static.

The next stop is light snow silent tears? Tears wet pillow that, my dream is missing injured? Indulge in the heart of the song I want to know, this is what is love got wet a few points? Give up that seemed to be in the distance you and it may not seem like you han is my also is not I who feel, still quiet walk alone in ice and snow, let romantic wandering in a meteor drops the zither sound outside. Of the lack of star, winter also lack of snow. Who is who missed the best time? Who overspend tears hurts the pillow of winter snow dream. the answer of love again, let the spring go again missing from the vicissitudes of the everlasting. Who have not forgotten that whose heart is the only in the heart, hear the voice of the shaking the snow falls, also is enough. Deep and remote leisurely, into the snow floats, sealing plastic pipes, shaw also only love zheng, and the string will be more quiet.

Send the pale blue deep, deep night in song.

another form of unreal

Mahogany for large evergreen trees, named after the deep wood peach color. Tree height can reach more than 20 meters, the trunk is very obvious, the trunk is good for the production of furniture materials. Sexual xi high temperature, drought, don't like damp, sunshine should be sufficient. I grew up in the mahogany, the tree pose green delicate and pretty, so it also became the senior trees afforestation, or trees.

The tree in the campus mahogany, it also follow the sequence change, according to the laws of nature, starting from the yellow leaves that form a dark brown, during the process of drag manufactures can complete, just always busy, we seem to be always misses a chance to appreciate the natural changes, and can only leave their infinite afterwards sighs.

After all, the withered leaves full tree buds seems to suddenly bursts with overnight, thin film images extremely rare, subduction by endless green again. Leaf deciduous, heaven and earth; Anterior lobe today bud, like a universe. The way of realization of natural variation, the good body constant rule the universe, life and death, back and forth.

After all, the change is time, is the same nature. A short rest, it is to go a longer way.

See the earth , is in a tomb-sweeping day by accident years ago. That day, the sky cloudy without rain, but the wind. From kaohsiung, tainan countryside grave and set the was the evening of the sunset afterglow.